The Rolling Stones: Big Hits (Hits Tide And Green Grass) Формат: DVD (PAL) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Региональный код: 5 Количество слоев: DVD-5 (1 слой) Звуковые дорожки: инфо 7758f.

От издателя "1966 was the Stones' year and this collection illustrates that perfectly" Jon Wilde (Journalist) By the mid sixties, The Rolling Stones had established themselves as one of the most sачюклuccessful rock bands in the world After bursting on the scene in 1963 with their dynamic version of Chuck Berry's Come On, there followed a stream of classic hit singles, including Not Fade Away, The Last Time and of course the timeless (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction бзчзу|n 1966, it was decided to gather these and eleven other hit singles on one compilation album That album is regarded as a classic of its kind: its status has been enhanced by its rarity value The album was called Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) This unique DVD tells the story behind a landmark album that reached #4 in the UK charts and #3 in the US It features all new interviews with those closest to the group, including actress and singer Marianne Faithfull and Keith Altham,браъ noted journalist and PR assistant to Mick Jagger We also hear from Anita Pallenberg, the actress, model and fashion designer with famous romantic links to the band Together Marianne Keith and Anita provide personal memories that form a fascinating backdrop to the story of the album And then there are the songs By combining exciting archive footage of the band in action with critical analysis by a team of respected music critics, the programme is a superb re-appraisal of an album that is still regarded as one of the Stones' finest Актер "The Rolling Stones" (Исполнитель) Одна из самых величайших групп за всю историю рок-музыки была создана в 1962 году в Лондоне Костяк группы составили вокалист Мик Джеггер и гитаристы Брайан Джонс и Кейт Ричардс После ряда перемен в составе к группе присоединились бас-гитарист Билл .

Легенды мирового рока Диск 3 (mp3) Серия: MP3 коллекция инфо 9639f.

Диск записан в формате MPEG Audio Layer 3 192 kBit/sec 441 kHz, Stereo Общее время звучания 6 ч 7 мин Диск содержит 90 треков в формате mp3, тексты песен Содержание 1 Band On The Run "Wingsqашблп", Пол Маккартни 2 Don`t Play Your Rock`n`Roll To Me "Smokie" 3 If You Can`t Give Me Love Сьюзи Куатро 4 Don`t Let Me Wait Too Long Джордж Харрисон 5 Only Want My Love To Grow In You "Strawbs" 6 From Souvenirs To Souvenir Демис Рбзщчтуссос 7 Lady D`Arbanville Кэт Стивенс 8 Boat On The River "Styx" 9 Things We Said Today "The Beatles" 10 Take It Easy "The Eagles" 11 Stand By Me Джон Леннон 12 It`s A Heartache Бонни Тайлер 13 If You Leave Me Now "Chicago" 14 California "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" 15 Soldier Of Fortune "Deep Purple" 16 I Need Love "Deep Purple" 17 Don`t Let Me Down "The Beatles"брваэ 18 Flat Broke Love "Bachman-Turner Overdrive" 19 Love Is Dyin` "Grand Funk Railroad" 20 Woman In Black "Foreigner" 21 Goodbye To Romance Оззи Осборн 22 Gimme All Your Lovin` "ZZ Top" 23 Lucky In Love Мик Джеггер 24 Look What You`ve Done Джо Кокер 25 Mean Streak "AC/DC" 26 Hearts For Sale "The Rolling Stones" 27 Love Bites "Def Leppard" 28 One Night "Bad Company" 29 Welcome To My Nightmare Элис Купер 30 The Changeling "The Doors" 31 Blockbuster "Sweet" 32 Man On The Silver Mountain "Rainbow" 33 Tush "ZZ Top" 34 Not Fragile "Bachman-Turner Overdrive" 35 Sight For Sore Eyes "Aerosmith" 36 Black Licorice "Grand Funk Railroad" 37 Stormbringer "Deep Purple" 38 Hole In The Sky "Black Sabbath" 39 Expect No Mercy "Nazarethqбтеый" 40 Crazy Train Оззи Осборн 41 21st Century Schizoid Man "April Wine" 42 Highway To Hell "AC/DC" 43 Angels At My Gate "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" 44 Action "Sweet" 45 Starstruck "Rainbow" 46 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper "10 CC" 47 The Hand That Feeds "Aerosmith" 48 The Ocean "Led Zeppelin" 49 Some Kind Of Wonderful "Grand Funk Railroad" 50 Medicine Jar "Wings" 51 Chicago Institute "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" 52 Roll On Down The Highway "Bachman-Turner Overdrive" 53 Dirty White Boy "Foreigner" 54 Lipstick Сьюзи Куатро 55 You Shook Me All Night Long "AC/DC" 56 Sharp Dressed Man "ZZ Top" 57 Clear Night Moonlight "Golden Earring" 58 Rock And A Hard Place "The Rolling Stones" 59 Long Live Rock`n`Roll "Rainbow"бтфхя 60 Stop Lookin` Back "Grand Funk Railroad" 61 Lady Double Dealer "Deep Purple" 62 Telegram "Nazareth" 63 Rock`n`Roll Doctor "Black Sabbath" 64 Get It Up "Aerosmith" 65 Only You Can Rock Me "UFO" 66 Rock`n`Roll Damnation "AC/DC" 67 Love Or Money Сэмми Хагар 68 Night Life "Foreigner" 69 Anything You Want You Got It "April Wine" 70 1,2,3,4 Rock`n`Roll "Girlschool" 71 We`re Not Gonna Take It "Twisted Sister" 72 Shake It Up "Bad Company" 73 Mixed Emotions "The Rolling Stones" 74 Give It Up "ZZ Top" 75 Let`s Get Rocked "Def Leppard" 76 God Gave Rock`n`Roll To You "Kiss" 77 Abracadabra "Steve Miller Band" 78 I`ll Meet You At Midnight "Smokie" 79 In The Army Now "Status Quo" 80 Stumblin` In Сьюзи Куатро, Крис Норбтъыуман 81 Words FR David 82 Waiting For A Girl Like You "Foreigner" 83 One Step Beyond "Madness" 84 Live Is Life "Opus" 85 Susanna Адриано Челентано 86 Don`t Worry Be Happy Бобби МакФеррин 87 We Are The Popkings "Chilly" 88 I Saw Her Standing There "The Beatles" 89 Europa (Earth`s Cry, Heaven`s Smile) `The Santana Band` 90 Still Loving You "Scorpions" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "Wings" Пол Маккартни Paul McCartney Джеймс Пол Маккартни родился 18 июня 1942 года в Аллертоне, пригороде Ливерпуля, в рабочей семье В 1957 году, вместе с Джоном Ленноном, он организовал рок-группу "The Quarry Men" В 1960 году группа претерпевает незначительные изменения и, став "Smokie".

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