England, My England - The Story of Henry Purcell Формат: DVD (NTSC) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Торговая Фирма "Никитин" Региональные коды: 2, 3, 4, 5 Количество слоев: DVD-9 (2 слоя) Субтитры: Английский инфо 13174b.

От издателя Tony Palmer directs this unique film drama about the great English composer Henry Purcell Very little is known about his life, but the script, by the late John Osborne and Charles Wood, solves thачэвоis problem by launching a group of actors in the 1960s on a voyage of discovery into late-17th century England, the extraordinary period in which Purcell lived But it is Purcell s music which is the driving force of this dramatisation, with the stunning soundtrack conбзцйвducted by John Eliot Gardiner Режиссер: Тони Палмер Продюсеры: Майк Блуетт Саймон Флинд Творческий коллектив Режиссер Тони Палмер Tony Palmer Актеры (показать всех актеров) Саймон Кэллоу Simon Callow Майкл Болл Michael Ball Джон Шрэпнел John Shrapnel.

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