Join In 3 Формат: VHS (PAL) (Пластиковый бокс) Дистрибьютор: Cambridge University Press Английский Лицензионные товары Характеристики видеоносителей 2000 г , 33 мин , Великобритания Cambridge University инфо 7155d.

От издателя Video Cassettes Are Valid Aids For The Development Of The Long-Term Linguistic Memory And For The Acquisition Of Good Pronunciation And Intonation The Join In Video Cassette Contains An Animated ачьжпVersion Of The Action Stories The Cartoon Stories Are Not Animated This Allows Your Pupils To Concentrate More On Linguistic Comprehension Classroom Experience Has Shown That Children Like To See The Things That They Know Over And Over Again, Especially If The Teachбзхулer Points Out Different Things Each Time Актеры Гюнтер Гернгросс Gunter Gerngross Херберт Пучта Herbert Puchta.