The Dream of Gerontius Формат: DVD (NTSC) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Торговая Фирма "Никитин" Региональные коды: 2, 3, 4, 5 Количество слоев: DVD-9 (2 слоя) Субтитры: Английский / Немецкий / инфо 7642f.

От издателя Edward Elgar's great choral work, in the magnificent setting of St Paul's Cathedral in London, formed part of the BBC's 75th anniversary celebrations It is a towering work, a setting of Cardinal ачюдеNewman's poem about the death of an elderly sinner and his soul's progress towards the judgment of God Andrew Davis, an inspired interpreter of Elgar, conducts the BBC Symphony Orchestra with soloists Catherine Wyn Rogers as the Angel, Philip Langridge as Gerontius anбзчгиd Alastair Miles who combines the parts of the Priest and the Angel of the Agony Актеры Эндрю Дэвис Andrew Davis BBC Symphony Chorus BBC Symphony Orchestra.

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