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От издателя Few performances in history are as legendary - or as controversial - as Bob Dylan's 1965 appearance at the Newport Folk Festival In a single, galvanizing instant, Dylan plugged an entire generatiашазьon in, forever changing not only the way the music was made, but the way it was heard By putting you in the audience for Dylan's Newport performances from 1963 through that pivotal set in 1965, Academy Award® - winning director Murray Lerner's The Other Side Of The Miбзшцюrror captures Dylan's metamorphosis from folk prodigy to rock's fiercely confrontational poet who would electrify and inspire an entire nation Performances: 1963 - North Country Blues - With God On Our Side - Talkin' World War III Blues - Who Killed Davey Moore? - Only A Pawn In Their Game - Blowin' In The Wind 1964 - Mr Tambourine Man - It Ain't Me, Babe - With God On Our Side - Chimes Of Freedom 1965 - All I Really Want To Do - If You Gotta Go, Go Now - Love Minus Zero/No Limitбрбух - Maggie's Farm (electric) - Like A Rolling Stone (electric) - Mr Tambourine Man - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Дополнительные материалы Interview with director Murray Lerner Актер Боб Дилан (Исполнитель) Bob Dylan Роберт Аллен Циммерман родился в небольшом городке Дулут, штат Миннесота Позднее его семья переехала в Хиббинг, где прошли его школьные годы Как и большинство его сверстников в те годы, увлекался рок-н-роллом, но после поступления в университет штата .

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