Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti - A Classic Album Under Review Формат: DVD (PAL) (Digipak) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Региональный код: 0 (All) Количество слоев: DVD-5 (1 слой) Звуковые инфо 7764f.

От издателя By 1973, Led Zeppelin was the most popular rock band on the planet Having already played to the largest audiences ever to attend a music event and achieved sales across their first five albums inачюкр figures previously unheard of in the music industry, the band were still thinking big So, when Physical Graffiti hit the stores two years later, it was greeted with a sense of awe and astonishment - Zeppelin had gone one better than anyone thought possible by making бзчзцwhat Rolling Stone magazine called 'their Tommy, Beggar's Banquet and Sgt Pepper rolled into one' This DVD is a documentary film about the build up to, the making and release of and - crucially - the music contained on this most revered of albums With the aid of rare and classic performances, scarce interviews, seldom seen photographs and contributions from those involved in the making of the record - plus the review and critique from a panel of Zeppelin experts - this programme fiбраъяnally lifts the lid on what many believe to be Led Zeppelin's very finest offering With contributions from; the album's engineer, Ron Nevison; former Yardbird, Chris Dreja; Swan Song recording artist, Maggie Bell; author of The Rough Guide To Led Zeppelin, Nigel Williamson; Tight But Loose editor, Dave Lewis; Classic Rock magazine's Malcolm Dome; renowned guitar tutor and author, Rikky Rooksby and Robert Plant biographer, Neil Daniels Дополнительные материалы Extra Features: Ron On Quad - Ron Nevison compares his experiences working on Quadrophenia with those on Physical Graffiti Interactive Graffiti - The Digital Challenge! Contributor Biographies - Meet The Panel Beyond DVD Актер "Led Zeppelin" (Исполнитель) Легендарная рок-группа "Led Zeppelin" была создана в июле 1968 года бывшим участником группы "The Yardbirds" Джимми Пейджем В ее состав также вошел бас-гитарист Джон Пол Джонс, а вокалистом стал Роберт Плант По рекомендацбтехкии последнего на место .

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