Last Man Standing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music by Ry Cooder Формат: Audio CD Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Музыка к фильму инфо 7771a.

Last Man Standing; Wanda; Jericho Blues Содержание 1 Last Man Standing 2 Wanda 3 Jericho Blues 4 Mexican Highjack 5 Just Between You And Me 6 Hickey's Back 7 Gordio Leaves Town ачюзъ 8 Felina 9 We're Quits/ This is Hickey 10 Church/ Ranger Tom Picket 11 Five Mile Road 12 Jericho Two-Step 13 Smoke Bath/ Girl Upstairs? 14 Felina Drives 15 Gotta Get Her Back 16 Lucy's Ear 17 Bathtub 18 Where's the Girl? 19бзчер Find Him 20 Icebox/ Drive To Slim's/ Slim's On Fire 21 Hideout 22 This Town Is Finished 23 Sunrise 24 I Don't Want To Die In Texas 25 Somewhere in the Desert / End Title 26 Sanctuary Исполнители Рай Кудер Ry Cooder Рик Кокс Rick Cox Йохим Кудер Joachim Cooder.